I heard my father utter the phrase “it’s a sickness” for the first time while walking behind him through the half empty, asphalt parking lot of the truly depressing Hollywood Park Horse Racing Track in Inglewood, CA. I was 10. Losing day, I guess. The next time I heard “it’s a sickness” was out of my own smart-ass mouth, 20 years later, arguing with a nurse at the Betty Ford Rehab Center in Palm Springs, CA. Seven years later, proudly walking out of what would be my last three months in any rehab, I said it again, this time it had a little different meaning.

itsasickness, (IAS) the brand, is not a careless spelling error but a tribute to a revolutionary idea in a revolutionary time. It expresses the wish never to stop, never to freeze out of fear and to never feel trapped by the gaze of the world. Born out of a combination of bad genes and a particularly exhilarating but exhausting lifestyle, itsasickness encourages and celebrates the exuberant devotion to the obsessions that power us.